Oprah Vs. Obama -- Oprah Wins!

Hometown homegirl Oprah Winfrey seems to be beating President Obama when it comes to getting media attention today, at least based on the Twitter feeds I follow.  Oprah has some sort of thing going on downtown, right?  Obama just delivered a back-to-school speech (NPR) that some conservative pundits and families felt was overly political and...socialist.  Yeah, you read that right.  

But at least Obama included a shout out to one hard-working Chicago student -- Chantelle Stevens of Percy Julian High School.  Better than Jeremih is probably doing.  Remember him?  The singer who was supposed to rally kids to come to school?
By the way, remember that you can follow all this and more on Twitter if you want the latest stuff.  Check out http://twitter.com/district299 for up to the minute Chicago education news, or follow national education news at http://twitter.com/alexanderrusso.  

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