More Blogs To Check Out

The Tribune's ChicagoNow isn't just all sports and lifestyle blogs
like you may think.  There are a bunch of them gathered under the
moniker "New & Opinion" that might be of interest (including the
ChicagoNow version of District 299). 

Former  Chicago Reporter guy Fernando Diaz runs these blogs, and he describes some of them here:

Arresting Tales
Joe is my favorite cop in the whole wide world and his posts are
genuine and often classic. Catch his comments all over ChicagoNow. Chicago Bar-tender:  Jen Fernicola is our gal at the courthouses searching for the strange (and sad) but true dramas that unfold in lawsuits.  ChicagoBusiness Insider:  The ChicagoNow home of Crain's Chicago, loosening the flagship's tie on coverage of
Chicago's movers and shakers. Chicago Muckrakers:  The staff of the Chicago Reporter magazine investigate the racial and socioeconomic roots of inequity in our city and region. Chicanisma: Seasoned journalist Teresa Puente opens a door on the Latino community to show us a world we may have never
known existed. Garrard McClendon Live:  The CLTV host's blog is an extension of his show. One Story Up
Megan Cottrell's unflinching coverage of the people in Chicago's public
housing is one of the most respected sources for it's coverage.

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