Free At Last (To Let More White Kids Into Popular Schools)

At last, popular Chicago schools can let more white kids in. 

No more pesky 35 percent rule (WBEZ).

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  • From Jay Rehak: As a magnet school teacher, I believe one of the best aspects of our magnet school is the social and ethnic diversity within the student body. If the end of this consent decree creates or allows great racial imbalances, I believe all magnet school programs will be affected quite negatively. A system needs to remain in place where all aspects of a child's background are considered when applying to a magnet school. We need socio-economic diversity in our schools, or the system will become even more highly skewed to the people who have the resources vs. the people who do not.

  • From Ollie's Mama: "the vestiges of discrimination are no longer."

    Really, what world does he live in?

    "District officials said they now will have to start from scratch to create an equitable system. In lieu of race, they are considering the use of socio-economic factors."
    Any system that judges race or socio-economic factors will never be equitable. How can a school system fairly judge the effects of institutionalized racism, it is a part of it's very inter workings.

    Privatized education needs to be eliminated. No child deserves a better education because they are upper middle class or white; all children need and deserve the same education. A good education should not be something a parent should ever be able to buy, it should be a part of every human's life. Send your kids to public school, or not at all. Change from the masses happens through action. If you want it for your child, you should want it for all children. All CPS schools would be very good schools, if we all just sent our kids to them and invested in them. If all kids living in the city went to a CPS school, because that was the only option, then this would not even be an issue. Privatized education is really only a paid for version of separate but equal, but only nothing is even close to being equal.

  • Chicago Teacher: My hope is to see more white middle class families investing in their neighborhood school.

    You can build a brand new building in Bronzeville or Brighton Park, but a new building does not make a great school.

    If you want to create a great school with high achievement, you need middle class children making up a majority. Unfortunately, in Chicago, we have too many poor families to turn around majority of schools.

    With gradual return of white middle class children back to neighborhood schools, we could see more schools like Edgebrook, Franklin, Burley, etc. You can't turn around every school but you could change few at a time with more middle class children.

  • Bob: Dear are you a teacher.

    To answer your question am I a moron? Well anyone in their 41 year as a public school
    teacher might be a little rough. However I was smart enough to catch you .

    Whenever the truth hurts it provokes a reaction like your post. I usually
    include some mistake like mute for moot just to get the reaction of
    people like you. Thanks for stepping into my trap. If you cannot refute the message attack the messenger. How about writing a cohesive response to my post.?
    By the way I just smiled at your rant. I bet you know it all. As to working at the
    drive through I have helped out my relatives, who own several, on occasion.

    Last night I learned another member of the faculty at the old Simeon has just
    died of cancer. That makes three more in 4 months. I cannot tell
    how many kids have died or will die from the effects of that hole.

    I was able to paste this.

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