Chicago Schools Go Online (Assessment)

After months of whispers about an expensive new assessment program
being considered by the Huberman administration, here is -- thanks to
several friends of the blog -- a bit of hard information

They're going with Scantron, it's going to be computer-adaptive
(more on that later), there was a "thorough" RFP process, and they're
rolling it out starting with elementary schools first (this fall).

I'm eager to hear everyone's sense of whether this will work, what
it will cost, and whether it will improve instruction, but for starters
let's go with this helpful blog post about the announcement:

"In addition to the existing "benchmark assessments" (which
will start to be administered online beginning in Jan). It looks like
Scantron will be the tool used to measure student performance change on
a quarter-quarter basis."

So, whaddya think? 

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