2009-2010 School Policy Luncheon Series


BPI and Catalyst have announced the dates and topics for their 2009-2010 luncheon series, which is this year focused on extended learning time:

Is More Time the Wave of the Future?" (October 28)
How More Time Can Ignite Change" (November 19)
Marrying Schools and After-School Time" (January 21)

Chicago has one of the shortest school days and years in the nation -- and some of the lowest academic achievement levels of all big city school districts.

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2009-10 Chicago Schools Policy Luncheon Series

More Time for Learning: Necessity or Tangent?

Mayor Daley to Education Secretary Arne Duncan to President Obama,
there is a drumbeat to extend the school day and year and to keep
schools open as community centers, providing more learning time to
children and their families.

just 308 minutes of instruction each day, Chicago has one of the
shortest school days in the country. At 170 days, its school year is 10
days shorter than the national average.

course, it is a matter of debate how more time should be used. Some
would argue for more time on the basics, others for enrichment
activities and still others for recess. Some prominent education
leaders say teachers need more time to plan and develop better
instruction as a team. In the U.S., teachers spend three to five hours
a week on lesson planning, while in most European and Asian countries,
teachers spend 15 to 20 hours a week, according to a recent report.

Please join BPI (Business and Professional People for the Public Interest), Catalyst Chicago and national and local policy experts, decision-makers, and school principals as we explore these issues:

  • "Is More Time the Wave of the Future?" (October 28)
  • "How More Time Can Ignite Change" (November 19)
  • "Marrying Schools and After-School Time" (January 21)

More information and a registration form can be found on the BPI web site.


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  • Nooo! The school day is TOO long already! If it gets any longer, I'll... I'll.. well, I don't know what I'll do. But trust me. I won't stand for this!

  • Arne Duncan and friends knew before 2002 that our children were being shortchanged in many ways.
    Arne proposed the rational for longer instructional day and the rational for building professional capacity in schools which is still located at edplan.cps.k12.il.us Duncan didn't follow through on the plan and instead jumped on the "smoke and mirrors" unsustainable Ren 2010 plan cooked up by the scam artists known as the Commercial Club of Chicago. We have benchmarks on how to judge Huberman on how he plans to support his schools. The National Staff Development Council's watershed report on what is needed to improve schools United States Is Substantially Behind Other Nations in Providing Teacher Professional Development That Improves Student Learning; Report Identifies Practices that Work Visit http://www.srnleads.org/resources/publications/nsdc.html

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