Wednesday Morning Education News

Lots going on in terms of clout and violence.

CPS president subpoenaed Sun Times

said he was surprised by the subpoena and flatly denied that he has
ever flexed his political muscle -- during two stints as board
president -- to clout any student into a "selective enrollment" school.

Is NRA part of the problem in counting the shootings? Sun Times (Carol Marin)

could tell you exactly how many schools we closed, how many children
had the H1N1 virus," he said Tuesday from his office in Washington.
But not how many Chicago kids getting shot. Or data to compare Chicago
with other cities.
"No one, literally, could tell me anything," Duncan said.

CPS Partners With "Birthday Sex" Singer CLTV

is lending his celebrity to a campaign designed to get Chicago Public
School students back in school in September. The recording artist's hit
song is called "Birthday Sex." Some parents say the singer's racy
lyrics are out of tune...

Secretary Duncan Announces 13 Teachers for Teaching Ambassador Fellowships USDE

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced today that 13
teachers [Xian Barrett, teaches Japanese at Julian High School in
Chicago, Ill.] have been selected as Teaching Ambassador Fellows for
2009-2010. Nearly 1,400 applications were submitted

Charter school contract talks underway for Chicago International Catalyst

Teachers at three Chicago International schools--the first charter
teachers to unionize in Chicago--are two weeks into formal contract
talks with management group Civitas Schools and hope to ink a deal by
the end of August. 

More transformation for high school math and science Catalyst

A $5 million grant from federal stimulus funds will help CPS fill a
missing piece of the puzzle in its High School Transformation Project:
12th-grade math and science.

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