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  • The teen panel is very interesting. When I was in high school, I wrote an opinion piece for Newsday in favor of adding students to the school board as ex-officio members. Schools and, more importantly, the students, have a lot to gain by involving students in the day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

    (See the abstract to my article here:

  • Why do groups like Advance Illinois, who have no credibility in the education arena and are so far from the classroom talking about accountability on the part of the neediest schools when they have no idea what authentic school reform is and much less have lived it. This is another astroturf group looking to channel money to charter schools. UNO Charter schools got 98 Million tax payer dollars this past June to support their remedial based program. The neediest schools are short on cash for the basics.

  • TFA, like charter schools are used by the top administrators to cover their lack of intelligence and experience on how to lead, facilitate, delegate and engage the teachers in public schools into building real authentic school reform. Present big city school districts do not engage their teachers in a real way. Dog and pony staged photo opportunities do not count. Let us be honest. The folks who run the school districts are AFRAID of the teachers in the classrooms. Afraid to be called out for not having the integrity to be honest that they do not no how to support real school reform or do not want to provide the resources necessary to bring it about. Knowing they are not doing the right thing, these educational CEO's and managers decide the best way to occupy their time is to mandate, mandate and mandate. These clowns are so far from the classroom that they may or may not know the harm that inflict on teachers and students. They mandate so much paperwork or keying in of data, that instructional time is eaten up. The web applications we get are 6th rate as some have posted. Teachers work in schools and each school is a community. Money and resources should be allocated to build the professional capacity of a whole staff. Time must be built into the day so there is real collaboration time to strategically plan and evaluate the practice. If school districts were really about supporting each school community we wouldn't need charters!

  • I am tired of lazy reporting by mainstream media on education, especially here in Chicago. I am tired of Huberman and his surrogates not giving details on how they "are" improving education. I am tired of groups like 'Advance" Illinois talk about accountability in education while they bash teachers in the classroom. In 2009 an important technical report came out early this year by the National Staff Development Council that explains what leaders like Huberman should be doing to really bring about a positive change in our public schools. After reading this report, anyone can ask Huberman what he is doing to ensure CPS is incorporating the best practices that school professional communities need to improve. One key is on the job collaboration! Professional development needs to be building professional capacity school wide.

    Professional Learning in the Learning Profession: A Status Report on Teacher Development in the U.S. and Abroad Technical Report

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