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Chicago students survive homelessness, move on to college Tribune

3,000 city students lived on their own during the 2008-09 school year
-- nearly one-fourth of the district's 12,525 homeless students,
officials said.
The number of unaccompanied youths has increased significantly across
the state in the last year. In 2008 there were almost 3,900 in public
schools compared with 818 in 2007, state reports show.

Getting together through the generations Tribune

and sex comprise the dark matter in our high schools. Dark matter is
stuff out in the universe that is undetectable, matter whose existence
can only be inferred from its gravitational effects on everything else.
One couldn't ask for a better definition of love and sex.

Member of city's bid team has deal to develop near
park earmarked for the Games

Michael Scott Sr., an early member of the mayor's Olympic committee,
leads a group planning a residential and commercial project on lots
kitty-corner from the proposed Douglas Park sporting venues, a location
where land values could jump if the city gets the Olympics.

Jeremih attends CPS school, accusations about condoning teen sex Defender

Gaye's "Let's Get It On." Isley Brothers "Between the Sheets." The late
Michael Jackson's "Human Nature." Betty Wright's "Tonight Is the
Night." All of these songs are about sex.

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