Duncan's Ideas On Youth Violence Seem Off Target

Here in this Sun Times video and elsewhere there seems to be no doubt that Arne Duncan is sincere in lamenting the youth violence that has affected too many Chicago families and schools over the past few years, and suitably chagrined at the lack of impact that he and other city agencies have had.

But it's unclear if his ideas -- more time in school, mostly -- are
really all that viable given the budgets we're going to have for the
next few years, or even all that on target. And Kate Grossman is right to point out during the discussion that there's very little for any of this in Duncan's "race to the top" fund. 

What do you think about Duncan's candor, and his ideas for lessening youth violence in Chicago? Here's the accompanying Mary Mitchell column.


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  • What's needed is more social service support in the schools. Community organizations like the Woodlawn Organization and UMOJA are incredibly valuable to helping to develop students holistically. Teachers cannot do EVERYTHING. Especially if we are being asked to monitor student learning/data more than ever before, kids still need to be kids and the board and the city must invest in professional organizations that specialize in addressing student/family needs and giving kids outlets and options.

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