Duncan Or Vallas Paid Most Attention To Youth Shooting Stats?

The Beachwood Reporter's Steve Rhodes points out that it was Paul Vallas who first started gathering youth shooting stats, and Duncan who stopped the practice for several years until it was revived.

This is a different version of events from the story Duncan told Carol Marin recently. 

Or maybe the version Vallas told Eric Zorn was only part of the story.

Either way, good to remember that the Duncan's recollection might not be the full story here.

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  • The statement, "Duncan who stopped the practice for several years until it was revived", is simply wrong. It seems to have its origin in the March 17, 2009 Eric Zorn article, where he wrote, "and judging from local news archives, the counting stopped". Just because evidence of Arne Duncan's attention and concern for CPS students shot and killed could not be found in "local news archives", does not make the statement, "stopped the practice for several years", a fact.
    Fortunately, I was directly involved in these issues under both, Mr. Vallas and Mr. Duncan, and I know that the tracking process and attention to this horrible problem, initiated by Paul Vallas, was furthered by Arne Duncan. Both were equally affected by each tragic death of a student, and both used every opportunity to underscore the tragic consequences of such senseless violence.
    Andres Durbak

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