CPS Clout Story Going National, Heading Towards Duncan

The Tribune story about the federal investigation a few days ago didn't delve into the juicy possibility that the clout goes back to the Duncan era (a year ago), but this WGN video segment did:



You also get to see the Mayor in his pretty purple shirt, blustering and stumbling over questions about the issue.  "You don't know, it all depends -- you have to find out," says Daley about the possible Duncan role.

Meantime, NPR broadcast a segment this morning about the issue without raising the issue of Duncan's involvement: Elite Chicago Public Schools Admissions Probed -- the first national outlet to pick up the story to my knowledge.

Did you or anyone you know hear about (or participate in) the alleged clout process surrounding elite Chicago public schools?  Do you think Duncan should be involved in the investigation into clout in CPS?

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