Board Of Ed President Subpoenaed - Says He Never Made Calls

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From the Sun Times:  Asked whether he has ever made a call on behalf of someone else, Scott said, "Nope. Never."

Scott said the Board of Education launched its internal investigation of the admissions process before the federal grand jury issued separate subpoenas for school records and Scott's testimony.

Asked whether he had ever heard of a call being placed to get a student clouted in, he said, "That's a different question. You asked me if I made a call. No comment. It's an ongoing investigation."

What do you make of that evasive answer?  And who else do you think is going to get subpoenaed?


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  • Okay, so the CPS started its investigation probably thinking the Federal government was about to start a grand jury investigation. It wants to stay ahead of the Feds as the subpoenas and trials start. AND, although the prez of the board didn't make calls, maybe someone else did and he won't admit it to the press...

    It seems to me that if there is a Federal investigation, the CPS should end its internal investigation so that it doesn't foul the water for the Feds.

  • good point, lou grant -- i hadn't thought of that.
    i'll see if i can get them to explain why they're still investigating.
    -- alexander

  • The school board chairman should resign. He is a tool of mayor shortshanks and will be rolling in corruption funds if the olympics comes here.

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