What To Call The Huberman Era?

Back in the day, some folks tried to divide up the various eras of
school reform in Chicago into three "waves" -- remember?  The first
wave (1988-1995) of LSCs, the second wave (mayoral control and Paul
Vallas), and the third  wave (an anticipated focus on teacher quality
and instruction under Arne Duncan). 

the third wave ended up being just as much about school closings and
Renaissance 2010 as anything else -- thanks, Civic Committee.  But it's
been a few months now, and I'm wondering what to call the current era,
and for what will it be known?

Every incoming chief does a reorganization.  The budget cuts are by
and large being driven by external economic forces rather.  Will it be
the weekly program review meetings, which have apparently replaced
senior staff meetings?

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