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Covering the back-stabbing Mike Klonsky
Neither the Sun-Times and Trib even covered the story. Is it an
embarrassment for the mayor? Not an importnat enough story? What?

High school senior speaks out against violence Community Beat
Pule, who will be a senior this fall at Little Village-Lawndale
Multicultural Arts High School, made the following remarks June 13
during the ecumenical prayer service that kicked off the "Healing the
Hood" event in Little Village.

Could you survive in a public housing high-rise? Part II One Story Up
We're used to talking about CHA tenants as the needy ones.

Interested in a new Montessori Charter School? CPS Obsessed
I've gotten word of a potential Montessori charter school starting up in what I think is the Old Irving Park area. 

The education saga of Thaddeus Lott Chicago Examiner
You may not have heard of him, but most professional educators have, and they would prefer you never did.

Suspensions in Chicago Schools Target Black Boys Most Often Catalyst
When punishment for one group of students is so clearly out of proportion to their enrollment, something's undoubtedly amiss.

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