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There are a few other blogs and sites that track education issues, some new, some old.  Here's a roundup of some of them that seem interesting or timely:

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Civic Committee stabs Duncan in the back Mike Klonsky
toiled faithfully on their plantation for 10 years before going to D.C.
to serve as Obama's education chief.

Chicago Teachers - Can you say "burnout?" Gerrard McLendon
There were times within a school year when I felt overwhelmed,
insecure, overworked, and frustrated, but thank God for fall break,
report card break, in-service meetings, winter, spring, and summer

CPS Positions - Out with the old, in with the new -- maybe you? CPS Obsessed
I actually have no idea how many areas there
are, I just know that I live in Area 2.
Each school principal reports into an AIO officer (an Area Information

Block Party Fever Begins to Rise Marshfield Tattler
night Peter Pan told me his mom wanted to know if we could do the block
party on July 4. Good Lord--that's like next week!

First major event for Chicago Parents Union! PURE
Our first event is a two-day training session for CPU union stewards,
and we would love to see you there!

Umoja University Trains School Leaders as Community Change Agents Community Beat
In the last few years, Umoja has been expanding its
efforts beyond Manley, to south and southwest side schools like Gage
Park, Carver, Dyett and ACE Tech Charter.

What are the other sites I should be highlighting? What do you think about these issues?

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