Wednesday Morning Education News

State school budget cuts hit special populations
The silver lining in this cloud was an increase in general state aid
that Gov. Quinn signed into law.

Cuts Hit Education Programs Across the StateWBEZ
education programs across Illinois are taking a financial hit. The
State Board of Education approved a budget Tuesday that slashes some 40
grant-funded programs.

Eight Forty-Eight 7/22/2009 WBEZ
talk with police officer, father, and activist Ron Holt about the
sentencing of the young man who admitted to killing his 16-year-old son
two years ago.

Condom Sense for Some Chicago Public Schools WBEZ
Hollendoner, director of the Howard Brown Broadway Youth Center, talks
about a new comprehensive sex ed curriculum for Chicago Public Schools.

School's green roots go deep Tribune
in Chicago's Tarkington School of Excellence are equipped with natural
light sensors, temperature-regulating windows and acoustically sound

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