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Four of seven turnarounds see progress, high schools now on deck ... Catalyst

As Education Secretary Arne Duncan goes around the country touting
Chicago's turnarounds as a model for improving the nation's worst
performing schools, he may want to warn districts that it is no quick

City union OKs concessions Sun Times

of three hold-out unions on Monday agreed to Mayor Daley's demand for
cost-cutting concessions, averting the need for 300 layoffs that could
have dramatically impacted the quality of garbage collection in Chicago.

2 city unions hold out as Daley deadline loomsTribune

union representing city laborers is poised to agree to cost-cutting
concessions with Mayor Richard Daley's administration, sources said,
but two other unions are still holding out as the mayor's deadline for
layoffs looms.

Eight Forty-Eight 7/14/2009 

find out what's going on with Cook County's Regional Office of
Education, where a financial scandal that broke last week led to a
board vote to abolish the agency.

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