Thursday Morning News, Part 2 [test score reax]

Daley defends Chicago Public Schools gains Sun Times

At the time, the Chicago Sun-Times quoted experts as saying test
changes probably goosed up scores, but Daley and his school team didn't
hesitate to take credit, calling the increases "historic'' and a
"tipping point.''

Daley acknowledges that state test may be too easy Catalyst

Catalyst and analysts from the Consortium on Chicago School Research
have for years repeatedly pointed out that test revisions led to a
dramatic increase in test scores.

CPS Touts Test Score Gains, Sets Sights on Higher Standards WBEZ

CEO Ron Huberman said CPS is adopting initiatives to ensure continued
gains. The district is assigning coaches to new teachers and will use
frequent computer tests to see how well kids are learning.

PLUS:  Are Illinois Education Standards Too Low? WBEZ

Some powerful critics are cautioning that this news may not be as good as it sounds.

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