The Duncan Diaspora Continues

Xavier Botana, who worked at both CPS and at ISBE, is headed to Portland,
according to this report in the Oregonian which notes that Botana
worked for CPS since 2002, started as a bilingual teacher, and -- my
favorite part -- got his BA and MA from Chicago State.

I'm sure many of you will say good riddance, and I don't have much
firsthand knowledge to share, but I sort of liked the guy.  He made
some mistakes, sure, and I suppose could have resigned or done
something heroic rather than continuing to take a paycheck but who does
that, really?  He was responsive, not particularly secretive (though he
avoided my calls and ignored my emails), didn't seem obviously
self-aggrandizing, and he had this low and rushed way of talking -- a
speed mumble -- that made everything sound boring and important at the
same time.  Not an easy trick. 

Plus, you gotta like the shirt and tie
combination here (he's the one on the left). 

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