Selective Enrollment Scandal At CPS?

Is it the UofI clout list scandal, part 2?  I don't know.  But CPS announced today an investigation into the District's selective enrollment practices, based on unspecified information about policies not being followed.  Click below for the press release.  Feel free to add anything you know, or think this is likely to be about.  


Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman announced today that an investigation into the District's selective enrollment practices has been launched.   

Based on information that has recently come to the attention of the CEO's office, that existing policies may not haven been followed, Huberman has directed the Office of the Inspector General launch an investigation into the District's selective enrollment process. 

Huberman has also directed an auditing firm be retained to review the current process and report whether additional controls are recommended. 

"We are carefully reviewing the existing selective enrollment policies and guidelines, and we will be implementing additional controls in the near future." 

Huberman is expected to announce a new Data Integrity Unit later this week that will improve CPS' controls of both electronic and paper files.   


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  • additional details and reader comments from the tribune breaking news story --

    nobody seems to know what's going on, and CPS isn't saying anything more.

    but more will come, i'm pretty sure.

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