Secretive CPS Won't Release New School Applicant Info.


There are 32 sets of folks out there vying to open new schools in Chicago, some of them new applicants and some of them old. 

But CPS won't tell us who they are, citing various reasons (like privacy and "respecting the process" and competition and not wanting to embarrass teams who don't make it to the end) that don't make much sense to me.  Not their names, not their contact information, and certainly not their qualifications.

Seems to me that the public should know who thinks they're good enough to start a new public school, and that knowing who they are -- not just the name of their proposed school -- would make the process more competitive and transparent.  Waiting until later in the process seems pretty secretive to me, and I'm not even a conspiracy type. 

At very least, CPS seems to be putting the interests of the design teams ahead of the taxpaying public -- parents and others who will be affected.  Suggesting that anyone should have to go to all 11 meetings and ask each team for their names and contact information seems ridiculous.  Other news outlets may be fine passing along what information CPS wants out there, but in this age of transparency and accountability, I think we deserve a lot more than that. 

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