Not Just "Outsiders" Creating New Schools

Some people may want to run an existing school, perhaps improving its performance or taking it in a new direction.  Others are more entrepreneurial -- they want to start or even invent something new.  This is true of CPS folks, not just randoms and outsiders. 

ScreenHunter_15 Jun. 20 01.17.jpg

According to CPS, several Ren10 schools -- including Polaris, South Loop, Austin Polytechnical Academy, Frazier International Magnet School, Disney II, Pershing West and Team Englewood Community Academy; Frazier Prep Academy, and Amandla Charter School, Chicago International Charter Schools, Noble Street Charter School, Perspectives Charter School have roots from inside CPS. 

Maybe it's time to stop bashing any and everything out there that's new, or assuming that everything new comes from somewhere else. 

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