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Facing Deficits, Some States Cut Summer School NYT

of school districts across the country have trimmed or eliminated
summer classes, ignoring pleas from the Education Department to use
stimulus money to retain them.

Testing TestingTAP

Beneath the feel-good press releases about national education standards lie unresolved policy differences.

Mayor says Detroit should be outraged over school shooting

Mayor Dave Bing on Thursday enlisted federal authorities and
everyday citizens in a community fight against youth violence like
Tuesday's bus stop rampage that wounded seven near Cody Ninth Grade

More Minnesota schools fall behind in math, reading Minneapolis Star Tribune

State test scores for math and reading are up, but not enough for No Child Left Behind law.

Duncan Stresses Merit Pay to Teachers Union

Seven-year-old Leilani Granados reads her thank-you card to Education
Secretary Arne Duncan during the unveiling of NEA's "teacher thank-you

School requests pour in for stimulus building aid Milwaukee Sentinel Journal

new program that allows school districts to borrow money interest-free
has attracted requests for nearly six times the amount allocated to

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