New York Times Covers Chicago Charter Teachers

Today's New York Times has a cover story about unionization and charter schools (As Charter Schools Unionize, Many Debate Effect)-- plus a picture of Chicago's own Joyce Pae, one of the teachers involved in the effort to unionize CICS.

Check it out for a national look at this small but interesting phenomenon, and for the surprise twist at the end.
What would you do if you taught at a charter school?  Unionize, leave well enough alone, or something in between?  Do you think more unionization will bring more charter schools, or slow charters down?


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  • thanks for your comment, former CICS teacher --

    i stand corected. not all charters are alike.

    i'm curious, though, was your decision to leave CICS based on its not being unionized (yet),
    or did you have second thoughts about unionization, or was it unrelated to any of this?

    thanks for giving us a peek into how things really work.

    -- alexander

  • I attend CICS Ralph Ellison High School, i have been there since it began and will be apart of the first graduating class.
    Because we as a whole have had many issues there is alot that students know and understand about the way CIVITAS schools are ran, i agree with the anonymous former Charter School teacher i have been told bodly that 'We care about our students but we also care about test scores and how they are academically' after the termination or leaving of our former principal Dr. Eboni Wilson sparked a parent/teacher/student meeting. I dont agree with the way Charter schools are ran and it ultimately is a buisness and if this is how business is ran i will never go into business as a living like i aspire to do.

  • Thank you DeArah for your comments. I am sorry your education had to suffer in this manner. I hope you will have the vision to lead and function in a much better way than peole in the ONS and Ron Huberman. We should listen to you and I am sorry that these non-educators do not.

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