New School Proposals Are Going To Pump CPS Up

Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader for posting a link to Linda Lutton's WBEZ segment on the 32 new schools being proposed and considered right now, focusing in on the residential school proposals.


Catalyst has a story up about the schools, too, focusing on the struggles that even approved schools have like the arts school have been having finding places to operate.  They also have the list of hearings, which started tonight.

Pretty soon, everyone will have their own schools (ie, the District
299 School Of Snarky Blogging).  Either that, or we'll start wondering
why some of these design team proposals are coming back year after year
of being rejected.

My favorite school off the list is the Chicago State lab school
proposal, or maybe EXSTREME Fitness Academy.  What's your favorite, and
what would your school be called if you proposed one?

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