"It's All An Illusion." Right?

that Paul Vallas or Arne Duncan did in the last 15 years has had any
significant effect on the number of CPS students who can read, write
and do basic math acceptably," writes Bret Harte LSC member Bill Sweetland in the Huffington Post (
Chicago Public Schools Have Improved? Baloney!). "It's all an illusion."

Hmmm.  This seems to me like an oversimplification of the Civic Committee report, but what do you think? 
Has the whole 1995-2008 period been a waste, and its successes entirely
illusory?  Is anything better now than it was back then, or should we
really try and get ourselves back to the good old days?  Were students,
schools, working conditions better back then?  Seriously -- I want to
know what you think.

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