Hidden Agendas & Half Truths On WTTW

Last night's WTTW segment doesn't inspire much confidence for any side, far as I can tell --
Eddie Arruza must have been mighty frustrated with the crap answers he
was getting from his guests. I wish he'd pressed them harder.

In the segment, Civic Committee report author Eden Martin talks about
how the elementary ISAT got easier in 2006 and how much easier the
state tests already were than the national (NAEP) ones.--  but then he
acts like charters are some sort of miracle cure and suggests that this
report isn't all an effort to soften us up for the rollout for Ren-10

Catalyst editor Lorraine Forte makes some useful points about
resources vs. governance (and the possibility that Chicago students
have improved somewhat  if just not as much as the ISATs suggest) but
she's infuriatingly tentative about answering the basic question of
whether the report is fair or not.  I hate to say it, but if Catalyst
folks can't provide expert analysis and interpretation then shows like
WTTW should stop having them on.

Most irksome of all is how Martin tries to suggest that Duncan and
Daley aren't themselves vested interests, aren't accountable for the
abysmal results that his report decries, and haven't themselves used
the hopped-up test scores in promoting their own accomplishments.

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