Furlough Follies

I've got a call into the communications office for more answers but here's what little's been reported so far:

Mayor Richard Daley seeks to expand unpaid days off
The boards of Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Transit Authority,
City Colleges of Chicago, the Chicago Park District, the Chicago
Housing Authority and the Public Building Commission will have to
approve the concessions, but Daley appoints their members."

Daley outlines unpaid days off for top schools, park district and ...
1,440 CPS employees in the administrative and central office group will be required to take six unpaid holidays.

Unanswered questions:  What categories of CPS employees will be included? 
What's the time period for the unpaid days? 
How will this affect the opening of school?
Why so many more CPS affected than other agencies?  When is Huberman planning to take his days?


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  • thanks, nobody -- i think that's right. nonunion staff, school holidays. thanks again -- keep sending tips and tidbits! -- alexander

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