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Chicago Public Schools fear state cuts will cost it $84 million

Public Schools officials said Thursday that because of budget
shortfalls, they could be forced to back away from promises not to cut
classrooms and educational programs in the coming school year.

Turnaround schools keep most students  Catalyst

Because of that year-long closure, it is not entirely surprising
that only 45 percent of the original students [at Dodge] came back. Dett Elementary, which is a third of a mile
away from Dodge, saw a decline in low-income students over the past few
years. According to the
Consortium, Sherman held onto 85 percent of its students through its
turnaround, a figure that is on par with other non-turnaround
neighborhood schools.

Quinn signs education bills in bid for federal dollarsCatalyst

Pat Quinn signed four education bills into law today, including a major
deal between charter advocates and the state's teachers unions that
doubles the state's cap on charter schools in exchange for new
accountability measures for charter operators. Quinn also signed
legislation that lays the groundwork for a comprehensive student data

Should race be considered in promotions? Chicago Reporter

The Chicago Fire Department gets sued whether it does or
does not consider race as a factor in firefighters' promotions and
employment. The U.S. Department of Justice sued the city in 1973,
arguing that the city's employment...

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