CPS Clout Scandal Update

News is trickling out at a painfully slow pace about the selective enrollment investigation going on at CPS. 

Investigation of CPS admissions requested Sun Times
Some college prep principals
hand-picked kids who did not take the required admission test or had
not even filled out an application.

District officials probe admissions at top public schools Tribune
district law department noticed problems with the high school
admissions process two months ago. This week, an unspecified problem
cropped up at one high school, prompting the probe of all 52 of these
application-based schools.

It remains unclear whether CPS found something on its own, or announced its own investigation to beat someone else to the punch.  Meantime, everyone's asking everyone whether they got their kid into a school using clout.  Well, did you?


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  • here's an audio segment from this morning's 848 about the situation, FWIW:


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