ChicagoMag Followup Questiosn

There's a vibrant discussion about the Chicago Magazine profile of
Ron Huberman going on down below, but in the meantime I have some other
questions that came up from the profile but aren't directly related. 
If you know the answers, please share what you know.

-- What is Huberman import Barbara McDonald going to do for CPS (she came with him from CPD)
? I'm curious about what her portfolio is going to be.

-- Where does this guy Adam Case fit in the communications operation, esp. in re Monique Bond?
Does Case work for Bond, or vice versa?

-- Whatever happened to the 6 schools that Huberman took of the Duncan list of 22 that should be closed? 
Who were they and did they do any better on this year's ISATs?

-- Mike Klonsky is now a DePaul professor?  I have no objections, but I did not know this.

-- CPS eliminated low-performing after-school programs based on a Huberman review?  What does this refer to?  I thought that was ISBE's job to rate the after school providers.

-- Whatever happened to the review of 800 cases of teachers hitting kids that was done?


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