Board "Do-Over" On Big Picture School Closing

For reasons not entirely clear, the Board is holding a hearing about
closing Big PIcture high school next week on the 28th, from 4-6.  Only
thing is, the decision to close Big Picture has already been made. 

A friend of the blog says that this probably has something to do with
the Board not having followed proper procedure -- 2 meetings are
required, one in the community affected, transcripts are required to be
submitted to the board, etc. 

"They closed the schools without going through proper
procedures.  With the Soto bill pending, maybe they got nervous. So now they
are claiming that the schools aren't "officially" closed yet, with
hearing #1 scheduled for the 29th." 

Could be true.  I have no idea.  All I have from the Board is "Yes, there is a public hearing scheduled
for 7/29 at 4-6 pm. The school is being proposed to be closed."

Hilarious.  Or maybe I'm just confused.  If so, I'm not the only
one.  Nobody at Big Picture or in the community has any idea this is
going on.

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