You Know You're Obsessed With CPS When...

While I'm doing the whole Internet thing:

Facebook is a new and fast-growing part of the Internet that includes personal profiles (here's mine) for family and friends, as well as groups and pages for various organizations and interests. It's free, it's not quite as crazed as MySpace, and it's all the rage.

I just created a new Facebook page about this blog, which is there mostly for folks who live on Facebook but who might want to get some news and commentary from here. (New teachers, students, and others like that might not know about District 299 but now can find out about it while they're surfing around "friending" everyone.)

For those of you who are already here, I'll try to keep you informed about what's going on on Facebook that you might want to hear about. For example, there are over 60 groups about CPS on Facebook, including the obvious (Chicago Public School (CPS) High School Students/Alumni), the obscure (To Them To Us), the hilarious (You know you are a CPS student when............), and the sad (R.I.P MRS. THURMAN). There are also groups on there (Teachers for Social Justice), and for programs (Chicago Teaching Fellows).

Check it out -- and feel free to join the Facebook page if you want to. There'll occasionally be some announcements and pics up there that won't appear here.

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