Year-Round High School

Remember the post and comments about year-round schedules and how they've worked out, pro and con? Well here's a school that's going for it:  "Lindblom faculty recently voted to become the first Chicago public high
school to require students to attend school year-round," according to this story Goodbye, summer break (Sun-Times).  "Long advocated
by Mayor Daley, the change will take effect with the 2008-2009 school


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  • Why not offer year-round only for the children who are behind and need the extra help to catch up. I hear all the time about children who are reading or doing math 2 or 3 gradelevels behind, why not put those children into a year round program that is designed to catch them up. Children who are already at grade level could remain on a traditional schedule, or perhaps enter a voluntary advancement program that gets them beyond grade level.

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