Why You Should Care About What LA Does

Some longtime Chicago school veterans might think that what's going on in Los Angeles has little to do with Chicago, but they'd be wrong. 

Chicago's recent history with the schools under control of the mayor will be one of the main points -- pro and con -- that shape the decisions in LA. 

Even more immediately, the Los Angeles debate over mayoral control will describe and to some extent redefine how people (especially outside Chicago) think about the schools under Mayor Daley, for better or worse. 

That's why it's so interesting to look at stories and editorials in today's papers about the LA-Chicago connection.  Many more are on their way. 

Not when, but why LA Times
"Now that Mayor Villagairosa has said when he wants to take
control of the Los Angeles schools, he can turn to explaining why. The
mayor's timeline two years is ambitious but realistic. It's his
rationale that could use some elaboration."

Give Us Our Schools Back LA Times
"Daley's leadership led to higher graduation rates and higher test
scores. Chicago's public schools have cut by half the number of
students with scores in the bottom 25% on the Iowa basic stills
standardized test, while doubling the number in the top quarter.
Villaraigosa has the opportunity to make a similar difference in L.A."

Takeover of LA schools may be less dramatic than it seems LA City Beat
Mike Kirst points out that not all mayoral takeovers are the same, and
in particular that being in charge of picking the superintendent is as
(if not more) important than being in charge of appointing the board

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