Why Won't Blago Do It?

"The biggest opportunity for social and economic progress is raising the state's 3% income tax and with the extra three billion or so buying better educations for the hundreds of thousands of children in poor neighborhoods who suffer from poorer schools and worse teachers," according to this post from Illinoize (A new chance for children in poor schools).  "There has been no significant progress on this front in at least a decade in the state, and the predictable result of kids dropping out from poor school districts and robbing them of the American promise of equal opportunity has blighted another generation."

Why won't Blago do it?  He has to realize that he's not going to be President.  Hell, he might not even make it through his second term.  He's OK with other lefty ideas like raising the minimum wage.  He just won re-election.  Too much of a win for Emil Jones? Worried about someone else coming at him from the right?  I don't know.

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  • I am a parent, looking for information. Could someone please tell me where all of these poor school districts are. I am trying to understand this issue. Could you list a few

    Looking at the unit districts that fail to meet the NCLB benchmarks in their general student population, all of them spent above the median unit district's cost per pupil. There are many districts that spend below $6,000 and get far better results than the highest spending districts. The highest spending unit district ($28,235 per student) has the lowest percentage of students meeting the reading standards. My local newspaper claims that low equalized assessments per student doom the students to academic failure, even though some of the districts with the lowest EAV/student are in the top ten in operational spending per student.

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