Why This LSC, School, & Principal -- And What's To Be Donel?

051128_nearnorthramoslgContentious decisions about principals who some think are worthy is nothing new for CPS, which has some folks wondering why the Curie situation has blown up so big -- not just on this blog since January but in the press the last two weeks -- and why the Board and Mayor have intervened here when they could have intervened in any number of other situations?

Possible explanations include black-Hispanic tensions, questions about Tom Ramos LSC chair (pictured), political or other support for Jerryelyn Jones (who was rumored to be becoming a HS AIO even before this), or political opportunism (ie, the Board taking advantage of a situation that makes LSCs look bad and could theoretically create a precedent for overturning other LSC hiring decisions).

'Superstar' principal Jones back to school? Sun Times
chairman of Curie High School's local school council, who along with
fellow council members was blasted by Mayor Daley for firing a
principal the mayor called a "superstar," abruptly reversed position

Curie council may flip on ouster of principal Tribune
chairman of the Curie Metro High School local council announced
Thursday that he plans to reconsider his vote to oust popular principal
Jerryelyn Jones.

I'm not against LSCs, and would prefer to see them mended rather than ended, but this situation does seem to make them look really bad, and it seems a shame to me that there's no one -- not PURE, not DFC, not ACORN -- who seems to be able or willing to talk about what LSC changes might be needed.  The "all LSCs are good" stance is alienating in the end, and seems out of step with current reality.

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  • Someone on these boards keeps reminding us that elections have consequences. Yes, that's true but so should actions. If an LSC acts in ways that the elected government of Chicago does not appreciate, they should be held accountable in the same way the states are held accountable by the federal government--loss of discretionary and other funding.

  • Mar 9, 2007 at 01:48pm:

    The hope is that the LSC would be mindful of the risks and not do anything boneheaded.

  • Yet another step in the decline and fall of democracy in Chicago. That LSC meeting was a joke. They used an intentionally small room; and all they argued about was whether or not they could bring their lawyers into closed session. It makes me grateful for the leadership we have at Gage Park, where every LSC meeting - no matter how controversial - begins with a public participation forum. At least every voice is heard before any decisions are made. Certainly we could still use more participation. However, if we make that a priority, it can happen. A greater emphasis on Civic Education wouldn't hurt either.

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