Why Obama Hasn't "Shifted" On Education, Too

Not unexpectedly, DFER's Joe Williams wants to put as good a faceas possible on Obama's weekend satellite appearance in front of the NEA

conventioneers, commending the candidate for not showing up in person.

Nor did Obama pander to the crowd when he did talk to them (seeprevious post for summaries and video).

But Obama doesn't seem to be doing so well on other fronts,

including the New York Times editorial page, which took a big bite out

of him for his recent flops on campaign finance, FISA, and gun control (The New and Not Improved Barack Obama).

It's hard not to think that the guy might not "redefine" his

positions on education issues at some point along the way, too, given

these recent changes. That is, assuming that education issues ever

seem important enough to warrant a change, which may not ever happen.

So, charters and performance pay stay -- for now. Not because Obama's

so enamored of the specific policy positions, however.

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