Why Is The Mayor Of Chicago Destroying The Reputation Of His Own City School System? Why Is The Press Letting Him?


latest in a slew of national stories about youth violence in Chicago,

this article from the New York Times details how some kids at Crane

high school in Chicago are being escorted to school each day by parents

and police -- a "joyless parade," as the article describes it (After Killings, Escorts for Chicago Students).

What the article doesn't note is the far-reaching damage that

Mayor Daley and Chicago school officials are doing to their own school

reform efforts by conflating out-of-school teen deaths with the city's

school system -- for little apparent benefit -- or why city officials

are, willy-nilly, linking street and school violence.

For city officials, the original motivation behind emphasizing the

school connection to any violent incident was apparently to secure

additional state

funding and enhanced gun control legislation. Neither of these things

have happened.

Instead, Chicago schools are once again being described

as violent and dysfunctional -- and few outside the system understand

that this is largely a broader Chicago issue. As the Times reports,

none of this year's teen deaths have happened at school,

and that most of those killed had troubled pasts. In-school violence

is down over all, thanks to $55 million a

year in security efforts by CPS.

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