Why Green Dot Isn't Coming Here Soon

Rumor has it that the CTU sent a delegation out to LA to look at LA's Green Dot charter school network, which combines all things charter-y with a labor contract. And of course everyone's been in a tizzy since Green Dot's honcho, Steve Barr, came to town earlier this year and actually did a panel with CTU prez Marilyn Stewart. Here's why it's not going to happen anytime soon, however: Green Dot is already way overextended in LA (where they are taking over a high school) and in New York City. Marilyn Stewart doesn't have the tenure or the chops that her NYC counterpart Randi Weingarten has. Ditto Arne Duncan vs. Joel Klein. Current state law creates obstacles to CTU organizing the charters. The cap is still there (30, or 45? I forget). Have I missed anything? Am I totally wrong? If so, I'm sure you'll let me know. I'm hoping.

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