Why Doesn't Chicago Have This?

It's not exactly a blog, and it of course wouldn't immediately transform education in CPS, but I have to say it'd be great if there was something like Insideschools.org here in Chicago.  The site includes hundreds of reviews of schools, with parent comments, and regular features oriented towards helping families navigate a complicated bureaucracy.  It's run by a nonprofit called Advocates For Children. 

So far as I know, all Chicago has is the Northside Parents Association guide, which I think costs money and doesn't include the whole city.  There's also Chicago Parent.  And, of course, the Options guide from CPS itself.  But none of these seems to match what InsideSchools has -- with the help of several foundations and realty companies. 

The site's founder, Clara Hemphill, was recently named one of New York's most influential players in education by New York magazine.

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