Why AYP Was Written So Tight

 If you're one of the many people who have understandably complained about how strict/unfair NCLB's  school rating system (AYP) is, consider the story below as an example of what happens when Congress does the opposite and leaves things to the states. 

Bar is set so high no school 'unsafe' Tribune

At Kennedy High School, where an
18-year-old honor student was publicly beaten by classmates this week,
students were so unnerved by the attack that they are asking for more
security at their Chicago school...Even though Chicago school statistics show a 56 percent jump in
violent crimes this year, Kennedy is not considered unsafe under the
law. In fact, not one of Illinois' more than 4,200 schools is menacing
enough to land on the state's list of dangerous schools, even though
many of them reported dozens of gang fights, teacher assaults and
sexual harassment of students last year.

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