Who's This Russo Guy?

If anyone's curious, I'm a freelance writer and blogger who writes about education issues in Chicago and nationally.  I started this blog on my own in 2005, and since 2007 it has been sponsored by Catalyst Magazine, where I am a contributing editor.  It was recently named one of Chicago's best blogs by Chicago Magazine.  

I have written for Chicago Magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times, and
appeared on WTTW's Week In Review.   I edited the volume "School Reform
In Chicago" for the Harvard Education Press.  I am an occasional guest
on WBEZ's Eight Forty-Eight. 

I grew up near Roscoe and
Halsted and lived for six years in Wicker Park.  My dad was a longtime
Chicagoan and proud graduate of Senn HS.  Alas, I now live in Brooklyn
-- the Far East Side, I like to call it.  But the blog seems to have
survived the transition.  I have another site, focused on national
education issues, called This Week In Education
It is sponsored by Scholastic Administrator magazine. I am working on a
book about efforts to "turn around" failing schools.

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