Who's Telling Me All This Stuff?

This last week or so especially, people keep asking me "Who's telling you all this stuff?" and "Where are you getting all this information?"   

The answer is that most of the information I'm getting is from you -- readers of
this site, many of whom have CPS.K12.IL.US addresses. I'm not getting it from the obvious places -- the press office, friends who work at the Board.  And so far at least I haven't gotten any late-night calls from Duncan or Scott.  But a large percentage of the readers of this site come from CPS folks both in the schools and even more so at the Board building and nearby.  So I've "met" a lot of new people -- people who
know things, and who want them to be known, and who share them with
me.  They tell me or send me things. 

The District 299 tipline is 773-269-2575, or Alexander Russorusso@gmail.com. 
Our motto?  "If you see something, say something. If you have something, send something."

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