Who's Story? How Many? Where's The List? When's The Event?

Il_ctIl_cstI guess it's hardly the point, and grisly and insensitive as well, but it seems strange to me that the Tribune, which has led the way on the dead kids coverage, stuffed its story today  on an inside page, and the Sun-Times led with it.  And, as before, I'm confused still about the number of kids we're talking about here.  Is it 24 CPS kids, vs. 32 kids overall?  Last but not least, where's the list, and what about the protest this weekend?

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  • The Chicago Sun Times list and the Chicago Tribune list are different because the Sun Times is counting only gun deaths.

    The Tribune tried to piece together all homicides. Her is a link to the 32 that the Tribune is counting.


    The list is imperfect because no one keeps track of that information (or at least I could not find anyone who does.) I went back and tried to find all the children under the age of 19 who had been killed in what appeared to be homcides. I got the information from previous news stories, police department and medical examiner's reports.

    But again, it is an imperfect system of counting. Then, I had to try and find out which school they attended. So, again it's imperfect.

    Finally, the previous post said it should not matter whether the child attended CPS or not, a child is a child. I agree, but for the purposes of the initial story, I focused on how the death was changing life for the students "left behind" at CPS schools.

    Stephanie Banchero

    Chicago Tribune

    Education Reporter

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