Who's In Control Vs. What's Happening In The Classroom

Philadelphia students who attend public middle schools managed by
outside groups are making learning gains that generally are no greater
than than those of their counterparts at regular district-run middle
, according to results from a study of that school systems
improvement efforts. (Education Week)

"Philadelphias experiment with educational management organizations,
or EMOs, began in 2001 after Pennsylvania state leaders and city school
officials negotiated a friendly takeover of the 210,000-student
system by the state. As part of the bargain, 45 schools were to be run
by private nonprofit and for-profit entities. The EMO with the most
schools in Philadelphia is Edison Schools Inc., a New York City-based
company that manages 22 schools in the district."

Whos in charge doesnt make nearly as much difference as whats
happening in the classroom, and what kind of professional development,
coaching, and supports are there to allow progress to happen, said Mr.
Mac Iver, a principal research scientist at Johns Hopkins.

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