Who Really Runs Your School?

There are a couple of things that jump out from this Salon.com review of "Gang Leader For A Day," which as you may recall is about life in the Robert Taylor homes before they were torn down.

First is the unfortunate but understandable suspiciousness with which the author comes to perceive community-based organizations: "As

soon as people start using the word "community," you can be pretty sure

they're trying to put something over on you."

Second is the discovery that, whether it's a CHA building or any other place, there are one or two folks who can get things done, if you can only figure out who they are. In this case, it's the street gang called the Black Kings -- and a little old lady named Ms. Baily.

So: who is really in control of your school? Sometimes it's the clerk, or the programmer. [It was a dean at one place where I worked, and the boss's personal assistant at another.] Other times it's the LSC chair or the AP. Let us know, and remember that -- since we don't know who you are -- you can name the school or even the person.

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