Who Is Sharnell Jackson?

Interested in what SchoolNet is up to and why CPS is paying them so much to get our computers going right?  Here's an email from them, including an interview with Sharnell Jackson, head of eLearning for CPS. 

Exclusive Online Podcast Interview Series

Welcome to SchoolNets exclusive Podcasts. These
are digital audio recordings you can access from your computer or
download to any MP3 audio device. Our Podcast series is all about
innovation about honing our strategies and improving our schools. We
welcome your input and participation.

Education in a Hyper-Competitive World: Can Instructional Management Solutions Accelerate School Improvement?

Hear prominent educators and throught leaders
discuss the potential of Instructional Managemnt Solutions (IMS) and
their ability to help drive systemic school performance gains.

Click the links below to listen/download the specific tracks of the podcast series. XML Podcast
Pod ITunes

Click to download

Track 1 Denis Doyle (Read Bio)
Chief Academic Officer of SchoolNet.
Denis is a leading expert in methods for effectively bringing together
education and technology. He serves as the facilitator throughout the

Click to download Track 2 Dr. Geoffrey H. Fletcher (Read Bio)
Editor-at-Large for T.H.E. Journal and author
of a new white paper on Instructional Management Solutions. Dr.
Fletcher discusses the impacts of IMS on several large school
districts, sharing his own insights, as well as insights provided by
various stages of implementing IMS.

Track 3 Dr. Jeff Wayman (Read Bio)
Educational Research Scientist at the University of Texas.
Dr. Wayman addresses his research on data-driven decision-making for
educators in particular how teachers can use data-based
decision-making to improve teaching practice and student achievement.

Track 4 Sharnell Jackson (Read Bio)
Chief Officer of eLearning for the Chicago Public Schools.
Ms. Jackson discusses her experiences in developing IMS at Chicago
Public Schools, as well as the near- and longer-term opportunities she
believes IMS enable.

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