Who Is Bob Runcie -- And Who Cares?

Slowly, stumbling, I'm learning more about SchoolNet, IMPACT, Chancery, and -- most recently Bob Runcie, the CPS Chief Information Officer, who's either going to bring CPS computer systems into the 21st century or get tagged with the blame for everything falling apart. 

Whether you think you care about student information systems and
computers or not, this might be worth knowing about, said one reader in
a comment:  "As a building principal, I just hope that when this all
goes bust,
there is another cover story somewhere. I am losing positions, and they
are spending 40 million dollars on something we do not have the
bandwidth to support."

The story being referred to is a brief Q&A with Runcie in the Scholastic Administrator (Newsmaker: Q&A with Robert Runcie: Syncing Second City Schools). 

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  • I certainly hope he does a better job with this than was done at the CPS Classical School his children attended with my daughter. The computers were never working at the school (they were old, outdated, and didn't have enough memory, speed,etc; and all they ever did was "test prep" the kids (workbooks, worksheets, fill-in-the-blanks, all geared towards the ISAT)at the school so that the school could keep its standing. No REAL teaching was done there. Although my daughter excelled there, I took my daughter out; I believe his kids stayed. Oh well, what power and influence will get you! You had to suck up to get the teachers' attention there (be a big-shot, etc), and so it goes... Wonder if that's how he got his job.

  • Yes, I was and still am stunned at the across-the-board ineptitude from the TOP on down.

    Thanks for cluing me in!

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