Which Is More Important -- Education or Housing?

When we were in grad school, friend Adam Gross used to tease me that education didn't matter nearly as much as housing.  The notion scared me at the time, since I was an education guy, but now I'm OK with the idea that both are important.  And now Adam and the good folks at BPI are looking for a new housing person.  Since housing folks sometimes hang out with education folks, I thought I'd post the announcement here. 

From Adam:

"As you may know, Jessica Webster is leaving BPI later
this month.  Jessica has done extraordinary work, focusing on affordable housing
issues in Chicago and throughout the region.  We're now looking for a Housing
Policy Analyst to try to fill Jessica's shoes, and we'd be grateful for your
help.  It's a terrific job.  Affordable housing advocates have made tremendous
progress in recent years, and this job is a great opportunity for a creative,
driven person who'd like to work on the cutting edge of public policy and social

The Housing Policy Analyst will develop and advocate
for state legislation to support creation and preservation of affordable
housing, work with municipalities and community groups throughout the region to
develop affordable housing programs, and help coordinate the effort to pass a
mandatory affordable housing set-aside ordinance in Chicago.

We're looking for someone with a degree in public
policy, law or another relevant field and at least two years work experience. 
We'd love someone who has done legislative work, community organizing or both. 
We need someone who is comfortable working with a wide variety of people in a
wide variety of settings.  And we need someone who is an excellent writer and
has strong research and quantitative skills."

Adam Gross (adamgross@bpichicago.org)

Download JobDescription--HousingPolicyAnalyst--01-06.pdf

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